We are located on Tully Toad in Modesto on 2.6 acre land. Our land is all paid off with your support and now we are on our way to build the temple. Our building permit is in final stage.

At the temple we support our community by providing different activities:

1. We run a very successful Senior club with 36 members and it has health talks by doctors, games, dance lessons, field trips etc.

2. We offer free checking out of children’s books from our library

3. We have scholarship program for college bound students. This year we are giving out two scholarships.

4. We invite spiritual and religious leaders and this year we had Akhilji Maharaj, Acharya Anantji, Dr. Rona Schweitz And Baba Ramji.

4. We conduct yearly Health Fair and Healthy Recipe competition.

5. We provide yoga and meditation classes.

6. Above all Mandir gives an opportunity to people to become better people and provide support to families and community.

We urge all of you to be more actively involved in temple activities. Your ideas are always welcome.

Thanks for all your donations and support and hopefully we can start building the temple soon!